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When home air conditioning systems fail it helps to be able to troubleshoot the problem and assess if it is something you can repair on your own, or if the job calls for a professional. Doing it yourself or calling in a local ac repair Philadelphia Company is an important decision, especially if it’s an electrical problem. If you haven’t had proper training and are not a licensed electrician attempting to repair a central air condition system’s electrical problem can be very dangerous.

When attempts are made at troubleshooting ac heating systems issues you think may be electrical in nature be careful and turn off the unit first.  Broken electrical wiring can sometimes be the main reason for air conditioning systems to fail or not function properly. While you may not know exactly if the cause of the problem is electrical or not, these tips will help you take the right action when you do find the source of the problem. Here are some common issues and parts that can lead to system failure.

Troubleshooting AC Fuses

AC Fuse BoxSometimes homeowners think they will save money by allowing someone other than a certified HVAC professional to work on their air condition system. In many cases, this causes more damage, wasted time, and more money. The possibility of something such as the wrong fuse being installed or other incorrect replacement parts are there when unqualified people attempt to provide general ac troubleshooting and repair. Check and make sure you have the right fuses for your type of unit.

Also, check the connection between the fuses to make sure the clean and clear of dust and debris. The flow of electricity can be blocked my dirty connections just the same as airflow can be blocked by a dirty air filter.

AC Troubleshooting Capacitor

Another importantAir condition system capacitor part of your air condition electrical system is the capacitor. It’s responsible for storing charges and regulating system power. You could be vulnerable to reoccurring electrical problems if you have a failing capacitor.


Faulty Electrical Wiring

Air Conditioning System WiringWhen electrical wires are overworked or they get old they can short out and become a fire hazard. Bad weather and power surges can over time compromise the strength of air conditioning units’ electrical wiring. In these cases, electricity flow can get blocked and that build up could spark a flame.


Be Aware of Electric Utility Bill Increases

Electric BillA warning sign of a potential unforeseen heating and air system electrical problem is an increase in the monthly electric utility bill. Electric home heating system problems gone undetected can sometimes cause the system to have to work harder. When this happens homeowners may notice a significant spike in their electric bill they receive from their utility company. Be cautious and check your system when this occurs. Catching A/C system problems early and repairing them will protect from more serious equipment failure in the future.

Air conditioning systems that continually struggle to reach the thermostat’s temperature settings could be due to a myriad of things related to the unit. Homeowners that don’t keep up with their heating system maintenance could have problems surface that mimics electrical issues. For instance, the overabundance of dust buildup can cause the home’s furnace to consistently run or turn on and off more frequently. This could cause the owner to think there’s a problem with the thermostat when in reality it could be something as simple as a dirty air filter. This is something a homeowner can easily check themselves on a regular basis and avoid calling their local air conditioning repair tech. Regular central air condition maintenance checks by the owner would include a visual inspection of the air filter and could prevent serious damage to the ac unit’s motor. Keep a clean air filter installed and prolong the life of your air conditioning system's motor. This will save you from the budget-busting costs of having to do a total central air condition system replacement.

Hopefully, this article has provided some useful information about troubleshooting air conditioning system electrical problems and the importance of regular maintenance inspections. For more information, or to schedule a home central ac unit inspection contact the AC Contractor Referral Network or visit

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